New Year’s Resolutions For People With Diabetes


When it’s the New Year, people often are pumped up to form that one ‘I’ll-definitely-follow’, over-ambitious resolution list that just gets sidelined after a few weeks. But this can be avoided if you have a clear, easily doable, and simple resolution list.

Below we’ve collated five simple yet effective things that diabetes patients can include in their new year resolution list for a healthy year ahead.

Keep A Tab Of Your Glucose

Keeping a tab of your blood sugar level is a must-have in your diabetes care schedule. You’ll also be able to see what makes your glucose go up or down and take action accordingly. So make a routine of regular blood sugar tests and stick to it. In addition to this, adhere to medications, follow the recommended diet, and exercise regularly.

Get Fit And Manage Your Stress

People with diabetes are recommended to engage in 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise at least five days a week.

Adding exercise to their daily routine offers significant benefits to people with diabetes. It ensures stronger bones and muscles while also keeping blood glucose levels in check. You can also keep heart-related diseases at bay with routine exercise.

Hence getting fit should be the first thing to add to your resolution list this year. Engage in sports of your choice, join a local gym or fitness class, whatever keeps your blood pumping.

When we talk about being fit, it’s not just physical health but also mental well-being that should be taken care of. Hence managing stress is as important as doing physical exercise.

Spending time with loved ones, maintaining a work-life balance, engaging in yoga and meditation are some of the ways to reduce stress and lead a joyful life.

Plan Healthy Meals

One sure way of diabetes management is to have a proper eating plan. Take some time at the start of each week to prepare a diet chart for the entire week. This way, you can track what and how much you are eating.

Planning your meals in advance will not only encourage you to include nutritious meals in your diet but also prevent you from overeating. With this kind of consistent eating, you are sure to keep your blood sugar level stable.

Know Your Number (Improve Your Reading)

Lowering your Hemoglobin A1C (standard range is between 4% and 5.6%, 5.7 % to 6.4% is pre-diabetic, anything above 6.5 is diabetic) should be another one of your key New Year’s resolutions. This count gives you your average blood glucose level of three months. Keeping track of A1C is important to understand how well you have managed your diabetes and make health-related decisions accordingly.

Include a Diabetes-safe nutrition supplement for managing sugar levels

Diabetes nutritional supplements may help people with diabetes meet the dual goal of managing sugar and reducing weight.

Including a sugar-free protein powder drink in your diet will ensure that your blood sugar does not fluctuate heavily while also meeting your nutritional needs. One is supposed to consume at least 0.8gm/kg (body weight) protein daily. Consuming Prohance-D will help you meet the protein requirement.

You can also use protein powders to make healthy Christmas recipes so that you can enjoy the festive season guilt-free.


Managing diabetes is not that hard when you have the necessary discipline. Manage the symptoms of diabetes this year with Prohance D protein powder.

Rich in mixed/ complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber, healthy fats, and essential nutrients, Prohance D is one of the best protein powders for diabetics available in the market.

Disclaimer: This blog/publication/editorial/article is meant for awareness / educational purposes and does not constitute or imply an endorsement, sponsorship, or recommendation of any Products. Please consult your doctor/healthcare practitioner before starting any diet, medication, or exercise.

Enhancing lives of people with diabetes through nutrition.


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