Enhancing lives of pregnant and lactating women and their babies by being a nutrition companion during and after pregnancy.

Prohance Mom is a scientifically designed nutrition powder to support the nutritional well-being of pregnant and lactating mothers.

Prohance Mom contains high-quality proteins [milk protein—skimmed milk powder (casein protein 70%) and whey protein (30%)]. It aids digestibility and high biological value. It also contains DHA, which is well-known for brain function support. Prohance Mom is free from trans-fatty acids.

Prohance Mom – Chocolate

It is formulated to support the nutritional well-being of women. This protein powder for pregnancy provides energy from high-quality proteins and carbohydrates and comprises healthy dietary fibre and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Enjoy a glass of delicious Prohance Mom chocolate as an evening drink, a healthy breakfast or a bedtime snack!

Available in packs of 200 gm and 400 gm

Prohance Mom

Every mother’s nutrition companion during and after pregnancy

How does Prohance Mom provide optimal nutrition for new moms and their babies?


Know the ideal


intake during your pregnancy or lactation

Food Nutrition

Elevate your nutritional intake with Prohance Mom

Prohance Mom Nutritional Intake

Elevate your nutritional intake with Prohance Mom

Pregnant and lactating women need a steady supply of vitamins and minerals. Prohance Mom is specially formulated to help to-be and lactating mothers maintain bone health, brain functions, immunity and energy levels.

A recipe for increased energy

Take 200 ml of previously boiled lukewarm milk.
Protein drink mug
Protein powder scoop
Add 3 leveled scoops (approx. 30 gm) of Prohance Mom powder.
Stir continuously until dissolved and consume immediately to best enjoy the taste of Prohance Mom
Nutritional drink stirring

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