Enhancing the lives of recovering individuals with high protein to increase vitality and muscle strength.

Benefits of Prohance HP high-protein drink
Benefits of Prohance HP high-protein drink
Prohance HP is a high-protein powder for people with critical illness.

Prohance HP can be used as an ideal meal replacement protein shake for faster recovery from surgery or illness. It contains a blend of Whey Protein Concentrate, MCT, Maltodextrin and Dietary fibers (FOS and Inulin). It also contains a mix of 25 vitamins and minerals that improve nutritional status. The sucrose-free, trans-fat-free, gluten-free and completely vegetarian formula makes it safe for patients with diabetes.

Prohance HP – Vanilla

It is a specially designed high protein sugar-free supplement that provides nutritional balance, helps in weight management and can be used as a meal replacement shake by patients recovering from surgery or illness to meet nutritional needs. Enjoy a glass of delicious Prohance HP vanilla as an evening drink, a healthy breakfast or a bedtime snack!

Available in 400 gm

Prohance HP

Meets the nutritional needs of recovering patients

How does Prohance HP enhance the lives of people by being their high-power protein companion for a healthier life?


Know the ideal


intake for your muscle strength.

Food Nutrition

Elevate your nutritional intake with Prohance HP


Elevate your nutritional intake with Prohance HP

Sucrose-free, gluten-free and trans-fat-free Prohance HP formula is fortified with high whey protein, MCTs, pre-biotic fibers, maltodextrin and 25 vitamins and minerals to provide rapid energy levels, support digestive health and enhance immunity for recovering patients.

A recipe for increased energy

Take 200 ml of previously boiled lukewarm milk or 150 ml of drinking water.
Protein drink mug
Protein powder scoop
Add 2 levelled scoops of Prohance HP powder.
Stir continuously until dissolved and consume immediately to best enjoy the taste of Prohance HP.
Nutritional drink stirring

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