Learn More About Diabetes Awareness On World Diabetes Day


Diabetes affects the human body, like cancer. Globally, over 463 million people have diabetes or show its symptoms. Every 1 out of 5 diabetic patients is Indian. World diabetes day recognises the perils of diabetes while spreading diabetes awareness through clinically designed education programmes.

World Diabetes Day and Diabetes Awareness

Diabetes (type-2) is a lifestyle disorder with patients experiencing abnormal blood glucose levels in their late 30s. Some people experience symptoms of diabetes during childhood (type-1).

Diabetes remains undiagnosed for long periods because most patients lack awareness. Some patients leave it untreated because of expensive healthcare. People have little diabetes awareness, with 1 in nearly 14 people showing diabetes symptoms. Consumption of processed foods, sedentary lifestyle, unusual work-life stress, lack of self-care, etc., are popular contributors to the symptoms of diabetes mellitus.

Early diagnosis of high blood sugar and regular health check-ups help prevent diabetes from affecting the body. Embracing a holistic lifestyle keeps the blood sugar levels under control.

What Are the Early Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus?

Diabetes varies according to the blood glucose levels, type of diabetes (type-1/type-2), and onset stage. Diabetes mellitus symptoms include:

  • Polydipsia (recurrent thirst)
  • Polyuria (repeated urination)
  • Excessive hunger
  • Abnormal weight loss
  • Delayed healing of sores
  • Poor immunological responses (frequent illness)
  • Presence of ketone bodies in a pathological examination of urine
  • Recurrent anxiety, irritability and lethargy

How Diabetes Affects General Well-Being?

Diabetes is dangerous if left untreated. The gradual proliferation of blood sugar levels thickens the blood lowering clotting potential. It shrinks the general immune response as the diabetic person becomes susceptible to fungal infections and skin diseases.

As the condition advances, the patient suffers from internal organ complications like kidney failure and poor healing of wounds. Diabetic retinopathy (loss of vision) worsens the quality of life while the patient may succumb after contracting septicaemia.

Diabetes Management and Daily Lifestyle

Both type-1 (juvenile-onset) and type-2 (adult-onset) diabetes are treatable conditions. The key challenge is to lead a lifestyle that keeps your blood sugar level normal. A diabetes patient can lead a healthy life with the following lifestyle routine:

  • Lowering body weight
  • Consuming a balanced but diabetic diet
  • Perform daily workout (controls blood sugar)
  • Replace carbohydrates with proteins (low glycemic index)
  • Add fibre to your diet (good gut health)
  • Practice mindfulness (helps lower stress, otherwise can spike blood sugar)
  • Breakdown entire meal into small portions to tackle hunger pangs
  • Sound sleep (6-8 hours) acts as a stress buster (controls cortisone secretion)
  • Choose a diabetic food supplement for complete nutrition
  • Consume food rich in micronutrients (chromium, magnesium and zinc show anti-diabetic properties)
  • Drink plenty of water (diabetes triggers frequent thirst)
  • Check your blood glucose levels daily 


Control your spiked blood glucose with precautionary measures like a diabetic diet, preventive lifestyle and daily exercises. It’s vital to consume the right food while not triggering your blood sugar.Prohance D is a clinically designed health drink for diabetic patients  enhanced with a balanced proportion of calories and essential nutrients.

Available in two assorted flavours (chocolate and vanilla), Prohance D is a perfect dietary alternative to fight diabetes mellitus.

Disclaimer: This article attempts to spread awareness amongst people against the mentioned condition. It has no intentions to recommend or promote any specific product. Always consult your doctor before trying this health supplement.

Enhancing lives of people with diabetes through nutrition.


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