Avoid Pregnancy Complications During The Festive Times

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Pregnancy is the most precious time in a woman’s life. But with it comes several precautions to keep in mind to ensure a healthy baby, the foremost being related to diet. Watching what you eat is of extreme importance during this time.

During the holiday season, however, you may often forget to take care of yourself, ignore food cravings, carry out extra household chores, miss doctor visits due to family obligations, and so on. These can sometimes take a toll on your mind and body. But do not fret!

Here are some simple pointers that can help you enjoy your festivities to the fullest and avoid pregnancy complications.

1. Watch What You Eat

healthy diet in pregnancy is the most important element of a pregnancy regimen. Pregnant women often get carried away during festivities and gorge on junk and unhealthy food. But, always remember that you need to be responsible for another life growing within you.

Food to consume during pregnancy should be a healthy combination of proteins, vitamins and minerals, carbs, healthy fat, and fibre. You can eat fresh fruits, dairy products, greek yoghurt, vegetables, nuts, dry fruits, berries, whole grains, legumes and lean meat. Adopt a muscle gainer diet plan if you are underweight. Take your vitamins and supplements as instructed by the doctor.

Foods to avoid during pregnancy include undercooked meat, raw eggs, raw sprouts and processed junk food. Raw food can increase your chances of being infected with Salmonella. Processed junk food is low in nutrients and very high in sugar, salt and fats. Avoid consuming alcohol and do not smoke.

The bottom line is, during pregnancy, think twice about what you eat.

2. Do Not Stress Yourself

Festivities also bring along the bag of cleaning rituals and obligations. It is wise not to overdo or stress yourself with household chores during pregnancy. You can avoid pregnancy complications by just keeping one thing in mind: “Do only what you can, and RELAX”.

Women often miss their doctor’s appointments due to family obligations or just too much work. Prenatal appointments are important for keeping a check on you and the baby. So make a point never to miss them.

3. Do Not Miss Your Sleep

Sleep is the best way to rejuvenate yourself. As you sleep, your body repairs and regenerates body cells. Pregnant women experience changes in their sleep schedules in different trimesters, but it is important to sleep whenever you can. Adding a healthy drink before bedtime can be a great way to induce sleep.


Self-care during pregnancy is vital. Adding the best supplements to your diet during pregnancy is necessary to provide optimal nourishment to your baby. Adding health drinks like Prohance Mom is the best way to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Prohance Mom is a safe nutritional health drink for pregnant women that contains 34 vital nutrients that provide energy, support brain function, and improve gut health and immunity.

So, if you are pregnant, try the best nourishment that your baby needs with Prohance Mom.

Disclaimer: This blog/publication/editorial/article is meant for awareness / educational purposes and does not constitute or imply an endorsement, sponsorship, or recommendation of any Products. Please consult your doctor/healthcare practitioner before starting any diet, medication, or exercise.

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