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Exploring the remarkable findings of PRIDE study with Prohance-D

Diabetes has become a major problem in India, impacting a staggering 101 million individuals, often compounded by obesity. Despite the various treatments available, many diabetes patients struggle to manage their blood sugar levels effectively. Clinical guidelines emphasise the importance of a balanced diet and lifestyle interventions for type 2 diabetes management. However, India faces unique challenges like the consumption of high-fat, high-carb diets. These factors contribute to poor diabetes control, further complicated by a lack of awareness about the role of diet in managing diabetes.

To address these challenges, a vital approach is to prioritise a balanced, calorie-controlled dietary intervention. One effective strategy is incorporating diabetes-specific nutritional supplements (DSNS). These supplements can be used to replace one or two meals with meal replacement products, providing essential nutrients. This approach can help individuals with type 2 diabetes overcome meal planning difficulties and manage their blood sugar levels effectively.

Recent research conducted in India, known as the PRIDE study (Partial Meal Replacement on Blood Sugar Levels and Body Weight in Indian Patients with Type 2 Diabetes), throws light on the effectiveness of this approach. It is first one-of-its-kind Indian study on diabetes nutrition supplement, involving the largest patient pool in Indian DSNS study. The 12-week study included 171 participants.

2 sets of patients were included in the study:
Test arm/Prohance-D group

Received Prohance-D (diabetic specific nutrition supplement) as a dietary intervention alongside standard care (i.e., diabetes treatment along with dietary counselling).

Control arm/control group: 

Received only standard care (SOC group).

The primary objective of the PRIDE study was to explore the potential benefits of Prohance-D for type 2 diabetes patients by replacing one meal with Prohance-D (50 g) alongside standard diabetes treatment. The study assessed various factors such as blood sugar levels (HbA1c), blood sugar profiles, waist circumference, body weight, lipid profile, and factors impacting the participants’ quality of life.

Benefits of Prohance-D in Diabetes Management

Benefits of Prohance D nutritional drink when used as partial meal replacement in diabetic people
Here are some of the PRIDE study–backed benefits of using Prohance-D in effective diabetes management.
Clinical data of nutritional drink in Indian diabetics population
Improved blood sugar control (HbA1c)

The PRIDE study showed that the group using Prohance-D experienced a notable 0.62% reduction in HbA1c levels compared to the control group at the end of 12 weeks.

Reduced weight and waist circumference

In PRIDE study, the participants using Prohance-D showed a remarkable mean weight loss of 2.70 kg and a reduction of 1.17 inches of waist circumference at the end of 12 weeks.

Improvements in blood sugar levels

In the PRIDE study, the group using Prohance-D demonstrated greater reductions in both fasting (15.58 mg/dL) and postprandial sugar levels (23.64 mg/dL) than the control group.

Reduces hunger pangs

PRIDE study showed that 55.3% of patients did not feel hungry after taking Prohance-D as compared to 44.8% patients in SOC group. Thus, Prohance-D helps to reduce hunger pangs by increasing the satiety level.

Enhanced energy levels and general well-being

Patients taking Prohance-D never felt lethargic (64.5%) and showed improvement in general well-being (73.7%) as compared to SOC. This indicates that Prohance-D helps to enhance energy levels and improve the over well-being.

Great taste

96% patients were satisfied with the taste of Prohance-D which can be a prime indicator of improving adherence to the partial meal replacement in diabetes management.


DSNS such as Prohance-D has the capability to play a vital role in the management of diabetes and PRIDE study was a landmark step in this direction to underscore the benefits of Prohance-D in diabetes. The study revealed a plethora of advantages including effective blood sugar level control, weight management, and improved overall health outcomes. As we continue to explore innovative strategies for diabetes management, Prohance-D stands out as a promising tool for people with diabetes to help them take control of their health and well-being.

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