Triple Protein Blend: Your Complete Nutritional Supplement

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The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed how our daily meals are not enough to counter viral threats. It has highlighted the need for a specialised dietary source like nutritional protein powders. Protein powder is an ideal nutritional supplement that bolsters natural growth and muscular development. Fortified with vital micronutrients (minerals and vitamins), it strengthens the immune system to ensure overall wellness.

As a matter of fact, ever since the outburst of the pandemic,49% of people in the age between 25 to 44 years, 52% people in the age bracket of 45-54 years, and 57% people of 55 and above years of age are consuming nutritional supplements in India.

This blog highlights the benefits of protein blends in your regular meal and why a specialised dietary source like nutritional powders is necessary.

What is a Triple Blend Protein Powder, and What Does It Contain?

Most meal replacement powders comprise just one particular protein source, while a triple blend, as the name suggests, contains three varieties of proteins:

  • Casein protein (found in milk, digested slowly)
  • Soy protein (extracted from soybean, it undergoes digestion faster than casein)
  • Whey protein (a byproduct of cheese preparation, it’s easier to digest than the rest)

This formulation offers unique digestibility action, becoming a prolonged source of nutrition. Prohance is one such triple blend protein powder that contains 100% vegetarian dietary supplements to impart enhanced nutrition. It contains:

  • DHA, FOS
  • 34 essential nutrients
  • 23 minerals and vitamins
  • Casein, soy and whey proteins

Prohance helps maintain fluid and electrolyte balance while strengthening your bones and fortifying your immunity.

Protein Blends vs Traditional Food

While nothing can match a traditional meal, protein blends stand as better alternatives than typical meal replacement powders.

Protein blends fuel the body with essential vital nutrients to do justice to the hectic lifestyle and also require minimum efforts to prepare it.

Furthermore, inclination towards sports activities, and increased health-consciousness among the youth have resulted in an increase in consumption of protein supplements across the country.

Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi ranked as the top three states, where the consumption of protein and nutrition supplements was more than other Indian states. Also a survey revealed that north India accounts for 47% of the total consumption of nutrition and protein powder sales across India.

The advantages of protein blends include:

  • Superior nutritional content (fortified with a greater concentration of amino acids, minerals and vitamins than most traditional preparations)
  • Easily palatable (suitable as replenishment for patients)
  • Simple preparatory method
  • An alternative food source when lacking in balanced meals

Benefits of Protein Blends

Unlike ordinary nutritional powders, protein blends comprise suitable plant and animal proteins that are easily digestible and contain the maximum essential amino proteins required for metabolic reactions. The benefits of protein powder include:

  • Tailored amino acid concentration (contains casein, soy and whey proteins) ensures higher digestibility.
  • The presence of multiple amino acids enables better muscle growth and development.
  • Casein, soy and whey proteins have different release rates, thus supplying protein over a prolonged timeline.

Who Should Consume Meal Replacement Powder?

Individuals having poor health issues or protein-calorie malnutrition require a specialised diet to replenish the deficiency. Meal replacement powder helps:

  • Patients with dietary restrictions (limited to natural protein sources).
  • Individuals who lack a balanced diet.
  • Patients recovering from illnesses.


Nutritional powders are food supplements that compensate for protein deficiency resulting from an inadequate diet. However, over-consumption may result in protein powder side effects, including digestive and kidney anomalies. So, speak to your doctor before beginning any supplement.

Prohance offers dietary products for all age groups. Its blend of proteins, vitamins and minerals ensures that you build your immunity and remain healthy without any adverse effects. So supplement your meal with Prohance today!

Disclaimer: This article aims to promote awareness without suggesting specific dietary supplements. Contact your doctor before buying nutritional powder.

Enhancing lives of adults with balanced nutrition.


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