Importance Of Healthy Diet Plan


Maintaining Healthy Diet In The Modern Era

Do you stay busy around the clock? There might be possibilities that your diet is taking a chaotic turn. In these changing times, we need to adopt a healthy diet plan. But before we begin, let us clear our concept about what is a balanced diet? In clinical terms, a balanced diet is an ideal diet that contains all the proximate principles and essential nutrients in an adequate proportion to meet the energy demands. Now to make it simple, there are seven proximate principles of food:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Proteins
  • Fats
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Water
  • Dietary fibers

Certain factors like age, sex, socio-economic condition, psychological condition, climate, and occupation matter while adopting a balanced diet. A balanced diet for a sedentary worker (student) will differ from a heavy worker (labourer, athlete).

Importance of a Balanced Diet

The importance of a balanced diet is needless to say, but here are some that will make you pick up your planner and design your balanced diet.

  • A balanced diet aims to provide energy to the body to perform day-to-day activities with full efficiency.
  • Food is an ingestible substance containing various nutrients. It prevents certain diseases (diabetes, heart diseases, hypertension, obesity) and nutritional deficiencies.
  • A balanced diet will heal and repair our daily wear and tear at a faster rate.
  • The dietary fiber (fruits, vegetables) in a balanced diet is an indigestible substance but carries immense importance. It regulates our bowels, prevents constipation, decreases the risk of colonic cancer, and excretes toxic substances.

General Guidelines For A Healthy Diet Plan

  • Incorporate the proximate principles of foods in adequate proportions.
  • Do not fall for myths that promote avoiding carbs to lose weight. The scientific fact is that fat burns on the flame of carbohydrates. Avoiding adequate carbohydrates will not burn fat and cause unhealthy deposition instead.
  • Consume all your meals timely to prevent frequent drops in metabolic rate.
  • Stop eating once you are full. Extreme stomach fullness is equivalent to saturation. It might cause you to feel sluggish and lethargic instead of alert. Also, being aware of your stomach will help you prevent obesity.
  • Eating five portions of fruits and vegetables per day is a must.
  • Incorporate unsaturated fats (healthy fats) like nuts, olives, avocados. Avoid saturated fats (unhealthy fats) like excessive dairy, cheese, and butter.
  • Maintain a 4:1 ratio between cereal protein and pulse protein.
  • Try replacing caffeinated drinks with healthy alternatives like matcha tea, green tea, or turmeric milk.

Importance of Protein Powders as Additional Nutrition

Protein powders act as a good source of nutrition. These nutritional supplements contain amino acids that our bodies cannot synthesize on their own. Amino acids make up the protein, and protein is the building block for your body. Let us look at whey protein powder benefits:

  • Great nutritional supplement for athletes, bodybuilders, and people lacking protein in their diet.
  • It digests at a faster rate than any other proteins.
  • It aims at promoting muscle growth and muscle strengthening.
  • It is beneficial for IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) and enhances the antioxidants of our body.

Prohance Nutritional Powder

Prohance is a specially formulated and balanced nutritional powder for those with increased nutritional needs. It provides balanced energy from high-quality protein, fat and carbohydrate. It acts as a nutritional supplement with 34 vital nutrients high-quality protein, saturated fatty acids, FOS, carbohydrate, essential dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals to provide complete nutritional requirement.

It also acts as a prebiotic and supports gut health, improves immunity, aids metabolism and acts as antioxidants. It helps restore fluid and electrolyte balance and reduces tiredness and fatigue. Available in delicious chocolate and vanilla flavour, Prohance is the best protein powder for those following a weight-related diet and striving to attain a balanced level of nutrition. It is also useful for those who are at nutrition risk, experiencing involuntary weight loss, recovering from illness or surgery, or on low-residue diets. Try Prohance today!

Enhancing lives of adults with balanced nutrition.


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